… did somebody say

… and there was much rejoicing in the Landy house at 5:00 this morning when, with a great whining and barking, the return of the Prodigal Doggie was heralded! We celebrated and killed the fatted milkbone for what was so dear to us had been returned! (well, everyone celebrated except Butkis, who’s been king of the hill for the past week and has been LOVING it!)

Thank you EVERYONE for your kind thoughts, good wishes and homing vibrations! I swear that if we ever go on vacation again we’ll find a way to take him with us – he really is part of the family!

I think that the posters were what got him home! Every time we’d get a call that someone had seen him we’d rush to the area and walk around for a long time. It felt defeating, but I think that our scent reinforced Atticus’s resolve to get back home. Or maybe I’m just romanticizing this – who know! All I know is that we got two calls yesterday that a dog like Atticus was roaming around Cameron Field so both Gerry and I walked all over the area looking for him. This was the closest sighting, so I think he was on his way home!

Wouldn’t you love to know where he’s been this past week??

Gerry had to leave for work at 5:30, but for a little bit we all got into bed and just hugged each other – you’ve never seen such HAPPY kids!! Hannah is transported!

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