Lady of Leisure

There’s a nail salon near me that has the Mon-Wed $20 Manicure & Pedicure special – I go every 4 months or so (whether I need it or not) and this was a good week to indulge. (I always leave a $10 tip so it’s not like I’m saving a lot of money, but if you go on Mondays you get a lot of extra attention because they’re never that busy!) I’ll bet Mighty Girl would approve! Incidentally, the shoes in the photo were a gift from Susan B, who looks so much like Mighty Girl that we fooled her 3 year old into thinking that Mommy was on the computer!

Jungle Red “Damn Miss Rose!”

Speaking of red cosmetics, I’m finishing up my submission for the Red Lipstick Hat Extravaganza and let me tell you, folks, it’s a keeper! Can you say, “Chenille?” – Mmmmmmm! Maybe I’ll knit myself a nice, chenille sweater while I’m at it – I could use something soft and comforting!

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