Where the Elite Meet to Eat

After reading about Beth’s pre-delivery Birth Day Shower, and all the gifts from Ellen, Theresa (who, BTW, is also doing a dual design with Amy for Knitty) and hosted by Carolyn (aka Dangerous Chunky) I decided that I’d have my very OWN Meet & Greet with a fellow blogger!

I’ve met StaceyJoy (a truly happening chick if there ever was one!), Betseee (who really doesn’t spell her name with three “e’s”) and Athena (one of my most excellent intermediate students)

But I had yet to meet the inimitable Knitting Curmudgeon (authoress of the fabulous Unaffiliated Reviews) for some Coffee (her) and Tea & a brownie (me) at the Barnes & Noble on Route 10 in Morris Plains. Happily she works not far from where I’m taking my Real Estate Class (I got 82% on my quiz last night on the first 9 chapters of the book!)

What a great time we had – knitting, chatting – she’s truly a lovely person, and doesn’t look at ALL like the picture at the heading of her blog! Plans were laid for a NJ Knit Designers Collective – stay tuned!

Marilyn – best of luck on your surgery today – and let’s hope that you’re back to knitting in no time with NO pain and increased speed!!

Knitwise I FINALLY received a package yesterday that had been sent via Priority Mail on September 14!! – egads! And, of course, it contained yarn for a sweater that is due on November 1st! Heaven help me. (Our carrier is really a lazy type who spends more time asking all of us on his route to hire him for odd jobs around our houses than he does delivering the mail)

He said, “Yeah, this has been sitting down at the PO for a few weeks now – I guess the girl replacing me didn’t feel like delivering it – that’s what happens when you try to save money on cheap labor!” Okay – folks – he was on vacation for ONE DAY in September and he’s blaming this on his replacement? Oy. Enough to make someone go postal. Which I did. I think he was about ready to get the mace out! Grrrrrrr

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