Insurance – or lack thereof…

There was a piece on NBC this morning about the uninsured. In the piece they mentioned that many folks think that the uninsured are those who don’t work. Allow me to introduce myself – I am uninsured, and I work. At least our kids are covered – but that’s tentative.

I work, and so does my husband – but we freelance. If he could find a full time job with benefits he’d grab it, believe me! But after a year and a half of looking there is still nothing on the job horizon – just more free lance work. I still have such wrenching bouts of exhaustion that I think a full time job is beyond me – besides, I am actually carving out a knitting career. We don’t earn enough to pay for private health insurance, so here we are. This isn’t a plea for pity – I just thought this might be helpful for some of you who think that you don’t know anyone like you who’s uninsured.

Max ate a penny on Saturday. The doctor assured me that if he wasn’t choking (he wasn’t) then there was minimal danger and he’d pass it in due time. Lovely. On Sunday, in the middle of my knitting class, Max walks in and announces, “I found this penny in my underwear – back here…” – he looked too worried to be lying, but the penny looked too – well, clean – to have been the errant traveler. After a hand (and penny) washing – and after my giggling students went home – Hannah confessed to me that she had dropped the penny into his underwear unnoticed. Ah – older sisters!

The knitting class was spectacular, though – one of my beginning students (knitting a total of 3 weeks!) is already almost finished with 1 sock and is 1/3 of the way through the matching one working on 2 circular needles. Another student started a sock on dpns yesterday and still a third started a hat on circular needles. The latter 2 are using some of the yarn I’ve been playing around with dyeing – we’ll see how those items turn out! My 4th student had to miss last week, but she’s started on a narrow scarf in garter stitch using Trendsetter Aquarius – what fun! I am so proud of my students!

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