Treasure Box?

This always happens – I get the box, the yarn is astounding – then somehow each ball develops the ability to speak and they chide me constantly, “What are you going to DO with us??” “Why aren’t you coming up with any amazing ideas?” “Do you even KNOW how to design…?” (that last is from the ball of metallic that I always ignore – I should throw it into SOMETHING just to shut it up)

Isn’t hearing voices a sign of madness? I wonder which level of madness it is where one hears yarn chattering away in the basket?

Seaside Knitting Retreat

Yes, I threatened it last year – it looks like this year I may just make it a reality. I’m going down to Ocean Grove today to scope out a a few hotels and big B&B’s to see which would be the best accomodations for a small group of knitters who want to get away from it all and just have some US time!

I say retreat – but really I have no plans for anything remotely retreat-like. I’m thinking maybe we can just take a long weekend in October or late September, get together and knit, have some meals together, walk on the beach – maybe go see a movie one evening – nothing too special. I’m thinking of a Friday – Sunday thing with folks staying Fri & Sat nights. Maybe we can have a nice dinner together on Friday and get acquainted? Believe me, guys, I’m open for ANY suggestions!

I thought it might be nice to offer a small class in knitting with wire or knitting a chairseat or maybe making the aline bag – something that’s do-able in a weekend – and it would be up to the participants whether they wanted to take the class or not (not a requirement for the ‘retreat’) click here for a complete list of my classes – maybe we can pick one together…

I’ll see what kind of a deal I can get on rooms today. Let me know – email me or leave a comment below if you’d like to come so I have some rough estimate of how many rooms to look for. Let me know if there’s a weekend in Sept or Oct that is particularly bad (the 4th & 5th are out due to Stitches and the Virginia Fiber Frenzy)

Once the date is set I guess we can treat the reservations like a wedding or family reunion where we just get a block of rooms and everyone pays for their own. If any of you are looking for a roommate email me and I’ll try to match you up with someone else who’s written. If I offer a class I’ll charge a nominal fee to cover materials and any extra fee for using a meeting room at the hotel

Weekly Knitting Group

A new cafe has opened up in South Orange – The Dancing Goat at the corner of S.O. Ave and Vose Ave – and it’s just BEAUTIFUL inside! They have live music Wed – Sun nights, but Mon and Tues there’s no music so those would be GREAT nights to start a weekly knitting group! The owner, Randall, is interested in the idea and said he’d set aside an area for us (they have sofas ladies…) Perhaps if this works out it could become the Knitting Meetup venue for our area, too?

I’ve had SO MANY folks approach me to set up a weekly knitting group someplace, but it’s been hard to find a location where a) We could meet in the evenings and b) We could talk out loud (we’re far too noisy for the library…) I think this might be the answer! Email me or leave a comment if you live in the South Orange / Newark, NJ area and would like to come to a drop in weekly knitting group! This doesn’t mean that you’re committing yourself to come every week, just that – given the option – you’d actually DROP BY every now and then!

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