Johnny Cash & Tex Ritter’s Boy

I wasn’t really surprised to hear that Johnny Cash had died – I figured after June passed on in May he was just marking time. But what a shock to hear that John Ritter died suddenly on the set of his TV show!

I always felt a little bad for John Ritter in that he had to live down (or, in terms of success, live up) to Three’s Company. But whenever I’d see him interviewed or see him in something that wasn’t slapstick, I was astounded at how personable and non-schticky he seemed.

He was 54, which is terribly young. Johnny Cash was 71 – I could have sworn he’d been 71 for the past 20 years…

On the knitting front – I sent in a sweater to Cast On yesterday – look for it next Spring – a nautical number! I think it’s a style that would look good on a VARIETY of figures and shapes, which makes me happy!

I’m just finishing up a cardigan for IK, the 2nd half of a 2/C twinset that is one of my favorite designs. I’m so psyched to see it in PRINT finally!

I’m not sure when the Winter IK comes out – they seem to come earlier and earlier these days – but my Morris Fern Cardigan is in it and I’m very excited to see it!

And, of course, I leave today for the Ocean Grove Knitting Retreat – socks for everyone! I believe there’s still room at the hotel, so if you’ve been toying with the idea of coming, click here for more information!

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