Wish Him Luck!

Gerry had a job interview today. He thinks it went well, but you never know how things will end. Send him your good vibes and wishes – they said they’d be making the decision sometime next week…

I sent out the holiday book ideas – they’re pretty cool and I hope a few are snapped up! I’m especially happy about an “easy” lace tablecloth idea I had – not a lot of heavy needlework, but a nice bang for the knitting buck!

I did some buying today – ribbon yarn to dye, wire for classes, beads – these spending days are fun (and necessary) but also scary! So far I haven’t been stuck with a large amount of some ungodly yarn or bead color, but there’s always that fear when I’m stocking up for kits for classes, etc.

I also got a package from Eddie Bauer – how fun is that? Lots of great T-shirts in spring pastels, I’m so excited! EB is the best thing that ever happened to tall, casual wearin’ chicks like me! Where else can I find shoes that fit me so well… Okay – Nordstroms.

Tonight is our Yarrn Pirate non-meetup meetup – always a blast and lots of fun – I miss seeing those wenches when I don’t make it (and I have cookies to deliver tonight!)


I’ll have a piece in the IK Crochet-only issue, which is pretty cool! Even cooler is that it will be a child’s piece, so Hannah can model it (that makes it so nice for her, and great for me to have a built in fit model!)

I also have neglected to mention that I’ll be teaching an crocheting with wire class in NYC on April 24 – you can check out the New York City Crochet Guild for more information. It should be fun!

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