Ahhhh, Chai Latte!

Yet another reason to love my scuncii on a Sunday morning…

Yesterday was amazing – two classes (one rather small, one just right) and some beautiful results! First of all – in my Saturday morning class Sandra finished a sock!!! This is a big, beautiful deal and there couldn’t be a luckier foot in North America! (we missed you, Betsy & Michelle – hope you’re feeling better and the condo is still standing…)

Sock is in Koigu PPPM, heel in Gems Merino Opal

Then, to top things off, the success of the yarn dyeing class was astounding! My only regret about the class was that Alicia had to leave early so I couldn’t photograph her yarn – amazing blues & greens. This was my first time teaching this as a formal class and it went very well. I think folks left happy – feeling that they’d learned something. Dyeing is a very hands-on experience and, like most fiber art, it’s something you have to do to begin to fully comprehend it.

Yarns by Claudia, Eileen & Harriet – we should open a shop!

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