Talk about your great mornings! I stopped by Wendy’s blog during breakfast and found this amazing review waiting for me – this has made my year!

Knowing (and loving) the blogging community as I do, Wendy’s comments mean so much to me. I have tremendous respect for her as a knitter and as a writer, and her positive review is more precious than I can say.

Thanks Wendy – and thanks to everyone who’s purchased the book!

In other great book news, I’ve heard from several editors that they really like the book and intend to review it in their knitting magazines – lovely – I think I can let my breath out now. I’m sending the manuscript to the printer to day to print my own run of the book (which I’ll be selling from my website, in book & yarn stores and at my lectures & workshops.)

The book will be wire-O bound and subsequently I’ve had to raise the price. However, the book will also be bigger (not more content, just more SPACE between the words – bigger & more detailed pictures, etc.) which makes the higher price a bit easier to bear!

To everyone who’s purchased a book at cafe press – thanks! I’ll be moving the sales of the spiral bound book ($18.99) to my own website in the next few days and would like to offer a copy at 50% off the retail price for anyone who’s already purchased a book at cafepress as a way of showing my appreciation for your support!

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