Mixed Day

Yesterday I taught a day-long class in Crocheting with Wire at the NY Crochet Guild – it was such a great class! The particpants were not just talented, they were enthusiastic and very willing to try new things – what a great day!

I took the train in and cabbed it down to the class, such a beautiful day, then took a cab pack to Penn station and traveled out to Long Island to meet up with Gerry and the kids at my mother in law’s for a little visit and to take her out to dinner for her birthday. It was a long day, and carrying the heavy teaching materials took a toll on my back. We finally got home around 10:30 and I had a message and email waiting for me from my sister in law.

My mother is back in the hospital. Apparently she’s had a bad reaction to the latest chemo treatment and she was also pretty dehydrated. She’s been in a lot of pain the past few weeks, but she’s so brave and tries not to complain much (at least to me). I spoke with her this morning – she sounds weak but in good spirits. Her blood pressure and blood sugar are both good, but she’s lost so much weight in the past few weeks. I was glad that Karen was finally able to convince her to go into the hospital.

I want to get down there as soon as I can – I may drive down on Tuesday after I get things squared away here. I was planning on driving down after my teaching gigs in NC and VA in late May, I have a few weeks there when nothing is on my plate. She wants me to send her copies of my book so she can give them to her nurses (who always fall in love with her, she’s such a sweet woman) She’ll be 85 on May 25th.

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