I Love A Rainy Knittin’ Night!

I forsook my usual Wednesday knitting group (sorry Pirates – I missed you!!!) to travel up to a new yarn shop in Nyack, NY. It’s called Knitting Nation and it’s run by Jane & Joanna (pictured on their website!) They’re at 30 N. Broadway and they’re not set up yet for opening, but will be soon – it looks like they have a lovely selection of yarns, and a nice, airy and bright space! I especially loved the Noro Daria that I worked with last night (I crocheted a little reticule purse).

Noro Daria is a Gimp yarn*, which used to be quite popular in the 30’s & 40’s for crocheting purses (my mother has several) but has been sadly rather hard to find in the past few years. It’s rather wirey and I’m not overly fond of it for garments, but I do LOVE it for things like purses and hats! At any rate, the colors of this yarn are exceptional – just lovely.

There’s such a wealth of yarn shops in the area – just the week before I’d stopped into Flying Fingers in Irvington (across the Tappan Zee, on the Eastern side of the Hudson) to drop off a few books on my way up to the Westchester Knitting Guild.

FF is quite different in feeling, but very eclectic and funky. It really reinforces my belief that more yarn shops can create an atmosphere that will benefit ALL proprietors! A tide that raises all boats… The excitement that each shop creates will bring more knitters into the fold and benefit ALL knitting shops!

*Gimp Yarn is spiral in structure and requires two doublings, the first to form a twofold spiral, then, at the second doubling, a fine tight thread is added.

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