It’s an indication of how tired I’ve been the past few days that I haven’t posted! I have submissions that I’m putting together – it’s taking longer than I remember it from previous times, but that probably has a lot to do with the humid weather (hard to knitt when you’re sticky!) I think I’ll call today to see if I can get a bit of an extension –

The book sales continue to do well – it seems that one by one the errant books are arriving – please let me know if yours hasn’t yet, I’ll track it!

I’m in the market for a postage meter. Anyone who has information on one, I’d love to hear it! Apparently, from what my husband’s found out, there is downloadable software that lets you purchase more postage for the meter, etc., but – of course – the USPS and the companies they work for are still snoozing in the 90’s and only write the software for Windows based operating systems. Since I refuse to put myself through the hell that is Windows (it’s not just an operating system, it’s an adventure!) I guess I’ll be going a different route.

Actually, my husband has a PC that he uses for Teleprompting work, and I use sometimes when I get a client (database design) who needs me to work in Windows – we could probably use that for the postage stuff.

Anyway, any advice is appreciated, especially from someone who is on a Mac and is using a postage meter system!

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