Gasping for Air

I just got back from having a beer with one of my students – what a fun night! I haven’t laughed so hard in years, and as we got out of my car to walk back to the dorm I was literally gasping for air as we regaled each other with tales of past Karoke adventures!

I’m having a great time – so far I’ve just been teaching the one class (technique sampler bag) but it’s going very well and my students are terrific! They’re so excited when they master a new technique, and I’m very excited for them. This class is small, but it truly represents several archtypes of the students I tend to work with:

Mistress of the Knit – this is a student who knows quite a bit – maybe more than I – but she’s kind enough to listen to my suggestions and open minded enough to learn from them. In this case the student is a fellow teacher who’s sitting in on the class and she’s accomodating us by finishing her bag early so we can use it as a demonstration model.

Avid Beginner – This student constantly describes herself as a “newbie” – but she’s very good! The only thing she lacks is the legitimacy that time lends, and the proper names for some of the techniques she’s already mastered (mistressed). She tends not to be as excited as a more established knitter at some shortcuts because she doesn’t realize yet how much time or effort they’ll be cutting out of the boring parts of knitting.

Encouraging & Enthusiastic – This knitter is quite good at what she does, and is able to teach us all a few tricks, but is thrilled to learn a few new items to add to her reperatoire. Most of my students fall into this category, and it’s so gratifying to teach them!

Patiently Practiced – This student doesn’t move as quickly as the other students, but doesn’t let it get to her as she realizes that we all move at different speeds. In this class my patient student gamely works along, like the tortoise, and is getting her bag done slowly and steadily with a good spirit.

What a nice class!

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