I don’t drink much (Susan, stop laughing) but when I move to the hard liquor I get sloppy FAST. I just had a G&T, my own pet favorite next to bourbon & water, and I find myself so far gone compared to what I would have been in College! I’m now officially a cheap and easy date. Alert the media!

Working dilligently on two book projects, it’s lonely work because I feel very – alone – very isolate and lacking feedback. It would be nice to have my weekly support group (aka, my class) but I’ll struggle through without it. I wonder if I should find a nice writers group. I wonder if they’d even COMPREHEND the whole knitting scene or think I was a lovely little housewire (pat, pat, pat on the head) and thank-you-very-much that was just lovely Annie. Now let’s hear from Chet and his drug abuse novel…

Of course, if I help myself to another G&T I could join Chet…

Yikes, not only making up a writers group – making up a substance abuse problem to be more acceptible to the pretend writer’s group!

I just got my IK in the mail – Pam is doing SUCH an exceptional job!

Here’s my addition…

Folks will say to me, “I LOVE your designs!” and my stock answer these days is, “You should see Veronik Avery’s designs!” I love her stuff – and she has a lot of it in IK (yes, I’m just slightly envious, but it’s a love kind of envy…)

I’ve been knitting a nylon chair based on an IKEA frame – she has it there! I’ve been working on a plaid pattern – she has a similar one there – ah, great minds think alike – and I’m THRILLED to be thinking like Vernonik. Now if only I had a really cool name like that!

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