Call for Submissions

Yes, more, MORE – I WANT MORE!! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

Okay, I’m back. I’m working on another book (this is in addition to the crochet calendar) which will be a collection of essays by knitters, crocheters and other yarn artists whose world has been strongly affected by their craft.

I get a lot of lovely emails, many are incredibly touching. To be honest, whenever I begin to bemoan my lack of comments, I remember that I get dozens of emails a day (questions, suggestions and – well – fan mail!)

But I digress – back to the topic. I get a lot of emails, and I am moved by the myriad ways our small fiber world has enhanced our larger ‘real’ world. I thought it might be interesting to compile a book of these musings, essays, poems or other written pieces that examine this phenomenon on a person to person basis.

If you’d care to submit to this budding volume, please email me with your ideas – or with your actual submission! Please send the text right in the BODY of the email (not as an attachment).

I have a page with more information. Please check it out – and tell your friends! Steal the Cheaper button for your own blog, if you care to!

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