Turkey Countdown

We usually don’t have folks over for T-Day, so it’s exciting to me to plan a meal that we’ll share! I woke up dreaming of 55 things to do with noodles (maybe I shouldn’t admit to that on the internet…) and wondering how cooking a ‘fresh’ turkey will differ from the usual frozen bowling-ball-masquerading-as-fowl object that I roast. I choose the cheesecloth drenched in butter and draped over the bird method of roasting, it’s given me the best results to date.

An odd thing happened this weekend – I was watching a TV show, a do-it-yourself show, and low and behold the featured home owner was my best friend from college! In the way of college friends, we lost touch and haven’t really communicated in almost 20 years (am I that old?) so I looked up her current address based on the show’s website info, sent her off a letter and a book and hope to hear from her soon! This, on top of hearing from another good friend from collge with whom I’d lost touch this past Spring (she’s coming out this weekend for a reunion, to meet my family and introduce me to her husband and new baby)

How odd that these two women would fall back into my life now – I told my husband, generally when I was in school if I wasn’t hanging around with one of them, I was hanging around with the other (two friends, but from separate sphere’s of our college world) I’m looking forward to being back in touch!

The book sales have been doing amazingly well over the past few weeks – I think it’s the ads I placed (ch-ching!) in knitting mags, but they seem to be paying off. I guess it does pay to advertise. I had figured by this time the sales would have dropped off, but they’re still as strong as they were in June. Wonderful!

I’m going to send a bunch of the books to this organization. Perhaps there are some knitting soldiers who’d like to brush up their technique..? I just heard on the radio that just about ANY book is welcomed, and I have a lot of the perfect bound books that should be doing SOMEONE some good. I also heard that many of the female soldiers need personal hygiene products as well as personal stuff like bras, panties, and things that they can’t really get over in Iraq. Bake sales for bras.

As much as I hate the war in Iraq, I do support the troops and admire them for their courage and their willingness to sacrifice for ME and my family. Steal the button to the left if you’d like to help me create a knitters blog groundswell of book and bra shipments!

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