The Good, The Bad…

I received the kindest email yesterday from a person who’d bought my book and squirreled it away. She finally got around to reading it recently and felt empowered and supported by my main theme – there is NO wrong way to knit. Thank you so much, JF, your email has made my year!

I also got an email from someone who believes that I’m a terrible person – for various reasons, none of which happen to be true. Nothing I do will change her attitude – and it’s freeing to understand that it’s not in my power to affect a change.

It’s never fun discovering that you’re on someone’s sh*t list, but at least it makes it more understandable when that person can only find fault with you. I have a dog, and a big backyard, and my truism for the day is – If you look for crap, you’ll find it.

Folks, an open mind is it’s own reward. Stay open to new developments – especially that uncomfortable moment when you may learn that you were wrong about something. I try to be wrong about at least 7 things every day. Some days it’s easier than others.

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