The response has been so great for the Men Who Knit & the dogs who love them – it’s gratifying! I’ve even had a few yarn companies contact me because they like the idea and would like to participate. Happy news indeed!

I’ve posted a page outlining what I’m looking for. I’ll have this book and Historic Knitting going concurrently, with Cheaper Than Therapy simmering over the summer so I can include profiles of knitters I meet on my wanderings when the weather warms up.

I’m not just looking for male knitters, but they are primarily my focus. Each sweater in the book will be sized from xxs to xxl so that anyone can work up one of them for their favorite man (or woman) The dog sweaters will also be sized widely, but some styles will only be appropriate for large or small dogs.

The calendar is doing wonderfully. I’m sure the Accord folks are wondering a bit because I haven’t actually sent anything to THEM, but they’ve also told me that they’d rather get things in bunches (3 months at a time). I’m still taking some submissions on a person to peson basis, so if you’re inclined to submit and haven’t yet, please email me! If I can’t use your piece in this calendar, there’s always 2007!

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