I’ve Created a Monster!

Some of you may wonder why I’m not posting photos like I used to…

Ever since I’ve switched to OSX I feel as though I’m using someone else’s computer – things are hard to find, it’s just not as intuitive as I remember. There are pluses – some apps work better – but on the whole I suddenly feel as though I’ve become some kind of old foggie who is struggling to comprehend the internets. This is not true, but it feels this way.

Anyway, that’s not the monster I was referring to… I got off on that tangent because I’d like to post more photos of the kids, of my knit stuff, etc., but the only good way I can make it work with whatever new constraints are currently in play is by using a link to the image.

I was talking about my little boy – the yarnwinder.

Last night I was rolling some skeins and he asked if he could. He always wants to, and I say, “No, dear…” thinking that he’ll screw it up. But he persisted so I showed him the trickes to opening the skeins, finding the end yarns, getting the skein on the swift so that it comes off easily – and he mastered it in no time and rolled about 12 balls of yarn for me!

I realize it’s not rocket science – but it sure makes my life easier! I have both kids signed up for kids crochet classes at the Maryland Sheep & Wool fest this coming weekend. I haven’t told them yet because I generally wait to the last moment for stuff like this in case there’s a necessary change in plans, but it will be a lot of fun for them!

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