Speed Sketching

So all in all I lost about 36 sketches. 15 of these I was sending to IK and, after hearing from Pam that I could have until the end of the week, I did some serious speed sketching today in order to get my design presentations out the door and to the PO by closing so they’ll arrive in a timely manner.

I learned long ago that when things get destroyed it’s usually not the disaster it may seem. When I sketch something, then resketch it, inevitably I find that the design is more streamlined and better thought out in the second sketch. Useless details are lost (and probably some cool ones, too, that I’ve forgotton about) and the shapes are simpler. Besides, it was a lovely day with a light, warm breeze coming in my window across my desk.

Someone asked how I got to be a mystery shopper – I can’t really remember. I wish I had some great story like I was yelling at a clerk in target and someone came up and said, “Eureka! We’ve found our shopper!” but no, I think it was because our family was a Neilson family briefly (we were failures, and I feel personally responsible for the cancelling of American Dreams…)

Don’t ask me how we became a Neilson family, I have no memory.

I’ve heard that if you google “mystery shopper” you’ll get a lot of hits, some of which are actually legit, of places looking for shoppers. I’d tell you more, but I’d have to kill you. Just joking.

New Yarn Love
Southwest Trading Company sent me some Karaoke to play with, and it’s an amazing yarn! I think it’s as lovely as many yarns in the Noro line, but it’s 50/50 wool/soy silk and is just amazing to work with! I love a good blend. I think I’ll retire to the gazebo for some alone time with this yarn.

Suggestions Needed
If you could knit anything you wanted with wire as a personal adornment, what would you like to knit? Is there something special you’ve been dying to work up in wire? I’d like to know. Really.

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