Whatever makes you happy…

Well, this makes me very happy!

Lisa Grunwald’s book, Whatever Makes You Happy is getting really nice reviews, and the folks who’ve purchased it at Amazon.com seem to like it a lot.

But more important, on page 37 she mentions me! What a hoot (and total shocking surprise!)

I was searching my own name at Amazon to see if they’d listed Cheaper Than Therapy yet (it takes a few days to load new titles up) and Lisa’s book kept popping up. I didn’t know why, but finally when I clicked on the link there was a little amazon comment that my search had turned up her book because I’m mentioned on page 37. Love that Search The Book feature!

She mentions something that I’d written in Confessions of a Knitting Heretic, and I’m very proud. Thank you, Lisa!

…those who can’t teach, teach gym – Woody Allen

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I knit weird and I enjoy showing others how to find the joy and intuitiveness within their OWN knitting! We don't knit to make THINGS, we knit to make OURSELVES HAPPY!

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