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I feel so often like so much of the knitting world passed me by during my 10 years of self imposed hiatus from the craft. Even now, I am at a loss about many of the yarn shops in NYC (of course, I could get my butt into Manhattan once in a while – naaaah, that’s too much work…)

Last night I met a new shop – The Point in NoHo/Village area at 37A Bedford in NYC. What a great shop! It’s small – what shop in NYC isn’t – but it’s amazingly well stocked and the yarn is handled very intelligently. Helane, who owns the shop, is very nice – as is her staff – really wonderful folks! I got there early and watched many interactions with customers and they were always so polite and helpful – excellent!

There’s food there, too. Cupcakes and cookies and sodas. Arrrrghtlghrhkladopiuerpadoijfdlkjflhg…. (what is the sound of drool?)

I taugth the VK Cocoon sweater to a large class and it was so much fun! The students were adventurous, eager, positive – just wonderful folks! We all had a great time – I know I did – and I got a free cookie. It takes so little to make me happy.

Today I drive up to Westport to teach the same class, then I take the Ferry to LI to Now & Zen to teach, yes, the Cocoon again AND the corset. Then home. I’m looking forward to the classes, but I’m REALLY looking foward to the Ferry!! It’s supposed to be a warm, beautiful evening – perfect for a ride across the sound. Get me, I’m J. Gatsby!

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