Sold Out

Oh, I love those words! It seems that as soon as a class is full, it takes on a whole new energy (at least I have new energy!) and excitement!

I heard yesterday that the class I’m teaching at TNNA is sold out – it was one of the first two to be filled (more are filled now – they seem to be filling fast!) and that makes me very happy! Cat Bordhi is REALLY selling out fast – she must be an amazing teacher (I’ve never taken a class with her, but I’d love to!)

And, as a nice accompanyment, I’ve also heard from a few yarn shops in LA that they’d like me back in Jan, so I’ll be teaching there again – wahoo!! I’ll have complete info up soon – not sure if I’ll get to it today (I’m leaving for Wisconsin tomorrow morning) but I’ll certainly have it up next week!

Every year I feel out of the Christmas Spirit – just lagging behind – but for some reason this year I feel full of cheer and very sentimental. I was talking to my agent (that sounds so weird…) yesterday and he mentioned his own phone calls with his sister, and I became very blue inside. I miss my brother terribly – and of course, my mom – but my sadness for my brother is a special kind of emptiness. I spoke with my sister in law – his wife – this past weekend. It’s an incredibly sad time for her, too. My mother had lived with my brother and sister in law for over 10 years, so her loss is very deep.

Wow – I started so happy and suddenly turned so sad. Well – not really sad as much as contempletive. It’s important to remember our absent friends – and the older you get, the more you have!

I just mailed a pdf file of tech edit checks to my tech editor – she’s done an AMAZING job on the manuscript, really helped clean up a lot of the patterns so they’re more readable and clearer to comprehend. When you’re working on something so deeply you’re just too close to have any objectivity.

Her comments also noted several changes that should be made in the charts I created, so I’ll be doing that when I get back from Wisconsin. At the same time I’ll be finishing up the Men Who Knit stuff and then – FINALLY – settling in to the CALENDAR!

For any of you who have submitted, heard back but haven’t heard back with a letter of agreement, don’t fret! I’m just taking a little longer getting to the ‘meat’ of the calendar than I did last year. Busy is good!

And now off to do a little shopping before I leave so that I can squirrel it away (can I really hide anything from the kids?)

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