Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

Thanks to Melissa, who did most of the plaid knitting on this piece, I was able to finish it up this weekend with some stockinette st and ribbing (thanks Melissa!!). I also added some pockets right where the plaid meets the side fronts – and Gerry loves it! I’m going to have a hard time getting it away from him to send to the publisher!

This marks the last MAN’S sweater. Two more doggie sweaters have been added, I’ll knit those up today (in a medium doggie size) and send them off, along with the sweaters, tomorrow!

It feels good to start putting this baby to bed. I have to write the introduction tonight/tomorrow for the catalog copy – there is so much to learn and know in the whole book publishing world!

Grump & Heretic
The Knit Blogging Planets were in alignment this weekend because Grumperina came to down and stopped by for a nice visit! We sat and knit – I showed her some of the new stuff I’m working on and some of the yarns I’m playing with – we gossiped (only good things about YOU, though!) and had a generally very nice time. We’d met in person in Boston last Fall, and it was so good to see her again! She is my technical knit blog heroine! I like her so much, and she fell in love with our kitten (I checked the house when she left, I was afraid Gigi had followed her home!) Who knows, there may be a little cat in Grump’s future (and then she will have no reason to be grumpy anymore, huh?)

Anyone who is going to TNNA – I would love to meet you! I’ll be teaching there, and during most of the show I’ll probably be seen hanging around the Artyarns booth (heaven only knows what number it is…) but it would be great to meet folks in person if you’ll be there!

Oh, Canada…
A shop waaaay up in Michigan wants me to come and teach – and I’ve wanted to go waaaay up in Michigan for a while now – so I’m trying to add some Canada (Toronto and vicinity) teaching engagements to the tail end of my Buffalo Guild trip to make the trip over to Michigan and back make more sense financially. If anyone knows of a shop that’s somewhere on the road across Ontario and up into Michigan who might like me to teach,I’d love to hear about it!

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