Loop de Pooped

Last night I was up late – working on the auction for the Seth Boyden school – we raised a good amount of money to refurbish our auditorium and had a pretty good time, too!

My database worked pretty well, for the most part – there are definitely places where it could be improved but I need to be smarter to figure those out (or maybe just better rested…)

Today I got up early, drove down to Philly for a gig at one of my favorite shops – Loop! And, once again, I’m reminded why I love this shop so much! The yarns are fab, the mannekins are named Wanda and the students are always so full of questions, energy and skill! Right now I’m on a lunch break between classes (color is this afternoon) and it’s good to have a chance to kick back and have a nice turkey burger. I was unable to find a turkey burger when I was in the south – wonder why?

Whilst I was in Georgia I figured I’d get a car washing, jazz up the look, but unfortunately it did some damage to my (already precarious) license plate. When I noticed this I wasn’t able to take the plate off, and I didn’t have the screws to put it on tighter (of course, stopping at a hardware store would have been WAAAY to hard) so I just drove around with my plate like this for, oh, 1,200 miles.

Here’s the interesting thing…

In Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas and all the way up through Virginia, no one mentioned it to me at all. I think they were just being nice (that, and the fact it’s a Jersey plate probably made them a little afraid of the reaction)

– Excuse me, did y’all know your license plate is coming off in front?
– You talkin’ to me? What’s it to ya?

But since I’ve been home not one, not two, but THREE different folks made a point of slowing down while approaching me in the opposite direction and asking me (very nicely) if I knew my plate was hanging. Ah, we Jerseyans take care of each other.

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