Souvenirs I Leave Behind

Everyplace I go I tend to forget something. Whether this is because I want to return, or because I’m just a scatterbrain is up for debate. In Ohio I left my steamer (got it back yesterday from Cynthia – yay!) In Dearborn I left my little zipper case of computer accessories, which includes my cable that allows me to download photos from my camera to my computer. Since I’ll be passing back that way this week, I feel certain I’ll be able to claim it, but ENOUGH ALREADY!

Working backwards from this weekend, we had a SENSATIONAL time up in Mackinaw City and on Mackinac Island!! We lucked out with the weather – just gorgeous – and Gerry and the kids ran themselves ragged walking / riding / biking around the island while I taught on Saturday. My classes were wonderful – small but full of excellent knitters with so much soul and spirit! We had a wonderful time, I almost felt as though I were on vacation while I was teaching. Thank you to everyone in the class – and especially to Cynthia – for making my first visit up to this area such a wonderful and special one.

In my non-teaching time we explored Mack Island. It’s a wonder, and just lovely. I’d show you pictures, but – well – no cable.

When I was a kid I used to love the Gene Stratton Porter books, especially A Girl Of The Limberlost. It takes place in the Limberlost Swamp in Wisconsin, but there are some scenes at Mackinac Island. I always wanted to visit – and now I have – and now I love it! I may even stay over there tomorrow night if I can swing it!

Our time at Greeenfield Village / Henry Ford was really fun, too! It was a lot of walking, and Hannah did a LOT of complaining (she’s nearing the age where she knows everything, especially what we SHOULD have done to make the day better…) and that got to me more than I expected it to. I’d better fasten my seat belts, it’s going to be a LONG ten years.

Max, naturally, loved the train the best. I think we all loved it, actually. Hannah loved the Model-T cars and the horse drawn omnibus, I enjoyed the craftsman area and would have liked to have spent more time there (and maybe bought some earrings…?)

We didn’t spend as much time at the Henry Ford as we would have liked, the day seemed SO short, but we did become members on the hope that some time in the next year we’ll be back in the area and will be able to spend more time here. What a great place for the kids to learn about history in a hands on way. Here’s Hannah on the bus that Rosa Park was riding when she refused to give up her seat – it felt amazing to sit and watch the people get on and off, to see their faces registering the fact that this happened less than 60 years ago.

All of the folk we met at the village were so fabulous – helpful and fun and great with the kids! It was a big school day (every day is a big school day) but this was especially busy according to the staff we talked with.

But now the kids, the husband and the dog have gone. I spoke with them after class today and they were past Cleveland, making excellent time. I miss them so much. We had a wonderful time, too bad it had to be so short! I swear Atticus was ready to start his own fan club – everywhere we went, on the island and off, everyone was in love with him and wanted to pet or stroke him. He’d just been groomed so he was quite breathtaking – and he’s a very friendly and well-behaved dog, so he lapped up the attention. Gerry had the brainstorm that maybe we should hold the first annual Men Who Knit And The Dogs Who Love Them retreat (for men and dogs) at Mackinac Island – hmmmm, excellent idea!

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