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Today we veged around the house all morning – Gerry took the kids for a drive to buy milk and find a playground we’d spied before (they couldn’t find it…) and I spent the alone time writing up two patterns for IK’s book, Folk Style (they were late – sorry Mags!) and tried as best as I could to answer email on this dial-up line at the lake. S L O W. How soon we forget the miracle of the internet and take for granted DSL speed!

This afternoon while Gerry and Maxie canoed around the lake (three lakes, to be exact), Hannah and I went into Minneapolis to visit yarn shops. Actually, I got lost (I misread the map), sort of, and it took me until 5:00 to make my way to Clickity Sticks. It was great to meet Tamara in person – Hannah fell in LOVE with her and the shop (and tried on EVERY hat, scarf and jacket in the store, and modeled every purse…) and I bought a few balls of yarn (including their shop brand, Treliske merino wool.

There was a knitting group meeting at Clickity Sticks (which, incidentally, will be one of my sponsor shops when I teach here in MN in November) but I’d promised Deb that I’d meet her group & a partner group at Nina’s in St. Paul – so off Hannah and I went!

I was chagrined when I realized, after walking in and asking if this was where the knitting group met, that two of the women had been in my Thursday class at Creative FIbers, but they understood (it must be vacation-brain – yeah, that’s it…) It was lovely to see Louise again (from the Yarnover) and to meet Deb in person (who had invited me!)

I was having a wonderful time – in some ways the best time I’ve had (what is better than sitting with an iced coffee, checking my email, knitting and meeting new friends!) and then every 15 minutes a small red-headed girl would say to me, “Mawwwm, you said we were going home at seven!

She wasn’t to be assuaged with Neopets all night, so we left around 8:15 – and I thoroughly enjoyed EVERY minute I spent in the cathedral section of St. Paul (an area I hadn’t visited – it’s SO beautiful! Hannah said, “Mom, it’s like a clean New York!” I thought it was more like Brooklyn…)

Above is a panoramic view of the lovely knitting ladies at Ninas – you should stop by, it’s a great place!

(oh, Ellen, I’ll bet we HAVE been in every house you pass! We’re narrowing it down, tomorrow more houses in St. Paul and a few in Minneapolis! We’re also looking at a home in Hopkins tomorrow – can’t wait to see that area)

Tomorrow we’re having dinner with Jennie The Potter (wife of our erstwhile real estate agent, Joe, who has been adopted by Max as his god-father…) for dinner and a stroll to Minnihaha Falls. (One day I have GOT to read Song of Hiawatha… I promise I will before we move here. Do they make kids learn that in Kindergarden, here?)

I’m incoherent. I’m trying to blog at 11:00 pm while simultaneously playing a game of killer Sorry! with Gerry and the kids and watching David Letterman. Gerry’s been grumbling through the whole thing like a Hanna-Barbara villian and – of course – he just won. Does life get any more exciting?

Good night. Sorry.

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