Crash Again

We’ve been offered a bid, we countered, they accepted, we are calling the attorney. We may be moved by Feb.and now back to our previously scheduled blog

Yesterday I fell down the stairs. Not far, just a step or two, but enough to twist my ankle and hurt my – pride. My pride especially hurts when I sit down. At least, though, some lovely silk blend yarn arrived from La Lana Wools for a project I’m doing for Interweave, and that makes the sitting easier to bear…

It was one of those moments so painful that you want to cry and laugh and are nauseus all at the same time – ick. The worst part was that someone was on their way over to see the house, so I had to go lie down in my room for a few minutes, stuff a sock in my mouth and flee so that the house would be empty of crying women as the prospectives walked through. Two more couples looked at the house today, so cross your fingers!

One day later, still a little swollen, pride is still a little sore, but I’m obviously on the mend and getting better every hour.

This weekend I’ll be limping down to Philadelphia to teach at Loop – one of the nicest shops around – and it’s always a great day when I get to spend time with Craig and his terrific staff. Then I have a nice, long break over the holiday when I get my samples ready for Knitty Gritty and the sample bag set up for the classes I’m teaching in Tulsa. The shop I’ll be at in Tulsa is Loops, so on my calendar I have Loop – Loops and you can imagine how I keep getting them confused!

The project I’m doing on Knitty Gritty is the Rasta Hat & Rasta Doggie Sweater from Men Who Knit. Yes, the one that’s on the cover – PULL THE HAT DOWN! – it’s a different version of the one that’s in Confessions, but it’s such a cute pattern – and such a fun technique – that I wanted to include it in Men Who Knit.

Before going to Philly, though, I’ll be close to home in Westfield, NJ to sign books at Knit A Bit on Saturday! I don’t do a lot of NJ engagements – perhaps when we move I’ll be more exoticly Midwestern and highly in demand – so if you’re around please come by and say, “HI!”

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