Save The Cheerleader…

We love Heroes here at Chez Landy – we watch it every Monday, it’s the one show (aside from the Simpsons and Nova) that we all agree on. So the kids were thrilled when I showed them my Hero needles, I am golden in their eyes.

Speaking of eyes, last Spring a friend in Ohio sent me a shot of her barn filled with barn cats – I did a little (very little…) animation just to make it goofy. Goofy cats, with sparkling eyes. Click to see the cats blink.

Speaking of sparkling, here’s one of the things we’ll miss. It’s the view from the hill in West Orange, about a mile from our house (and on the way home from my Yarn Pirates group in Livingston) It’s a sensational place to go on New Year’s or 4th of July for some spectacular fireworks across the entire NYC area. I can’t believe I have 2 days to pack for San Diego – I’m a lump – but tomorrow I WILL get it all together. I will. Promise.

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