The Duluth Mistresses

Not to be sexist or anything, but does it bother anyone else that probably 98% of the folks who’ve completed the TKGA Master Knitters Program are women?

Myself, I’m waiting until they call it the Mistress Knitters Program (or maybe the Consummate Knitters Program?) I know that “mistress” has a bad connotation, but “master” isn’t exactly a free of bad echoes, either…

So, in the same vein, I give you The Duluth Mistresses: The Knitters of the Northern Guild

I had the nicest time at the guild on Friday night – they made me feel so welcomed and one of the family immediately! Knitters are amazing, huh? I had met some of the women before when they’d been in classes at Yarn Over or just through emailing, and it was very nice to see them again.

I don’t remember EVERYONE in my classes, but I’m amazed at how many I actually DO remember (if not names, I remember small, useless details about them like their husband was related to Gil Hodges or they own a standard poodle, too!) and that brings back so much of their knitting personality to me. I think when we have a passion – be it knitting, gardening, fishing or anything else – we show much of our personality through that passion. We can use the passion to help us shape our world, or to understand parts of the world that can be mysterious.
I tend to remember the way folks knit – how they talk about their knitting, whether they’re tentative or fearless – much easier than I remember their names.

I feel this forgetfulness on my part is rude at times, and I do try to remember names, but I seldom forget knitting.

There are a LOT of things I’d like to forget, some things I just forget as bonus amnesia.

After the Guild Gig Jennie (my ride and my roadie) drove out to the Point – she was coming up here for the Park Point Art Fair – where we put up her tent in about 30 minutes.

She seemed non plussed, but I was impressed by our speed AND by the amazing sunset. It’s hard for me to get used to how LONG the days here are in the Summer, and how SHORT they are in the winter.

I have to look at a map at least once a week to remind myself exactly how far North we are – a new experience for me – and how that affects the quality of the sunlight. Have I mentioned lately how much I love – we all love – being here?

In an effort to rid myself of annoying brain cells (I think of it as mental sloughing) I tried the 7-beer sampler. Mmmmm.

I’ll admit to having an inelegant palette, but I liked the Apricot Wheat (beer masquerading as perfume) which is no surprise because I’m fond of white zinfandel (wine masquerading as kool-aid)

Hi, I’m 4.Have I mentioned lately how much I love beer?

Apparently Jennie also loves beer, but she’s more grown up and enjoys a nice oatmeal stout. I feel like a piker.

If I’m 4, then Jennie’s 14 (it’s the bangs) and she got carded while I didn’t. But, with my new haircut, I did get to use the bathroom and didn’t have to go to the lakewalk…

Yarn Harbor is a WONDERFUL yarn shop! Kathy’s just owned it for a bit, and if I were going to purchase a yarn shop this would be high on my list! The stock is fun, beautiful but also very pragmatic. There’s a wonderful selection of Louet and Brown Sheep as well as other sturdy, rich, well-priced yarns.

The students who came to the classes were a pure delight, and I felt comfortable enough with all of them to berate them mercilessly (I kid because I love) and engage in some tough knitting.

Best part of the class? When I told the Combo class that they’d be cabling without a cable needle by the end of the class and they looked at me in total disbelief! I so enjoyed that. And guess what…? EVERYONE was cabling like a friggin’ Irishwoman by the end of the class!! Even the woman in the gorgeous dress who told me at the start of the class that she didn’t know how to purl. HA! She just didn’t KNOW that she DID know how to purl!

Now I’m sitting at a Dunn Bros Coffee across the street from a water park hotel, waiting for Gerry and the kids to come up (they’re on their way!) so I can give them all big, wet sloppy kisses (maybe not Atticus – I’ll let him kiss me) and hug them until my arms get tired.

One day away has felt like a week when my heart is in such a sensitive state. I worry about the kids being away for so long this summer, but I’m heartened by the fact that they’ll be with very well loved friends. Thank god for love.

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