A Weight Is Lifted

We have a new case worker with our insurance company, and we discovered something quite wonderful…

We get a [small] daily stipend for meals and room!

It’s not huge, it doesn’t cover everything, but it’s more than we thought we’d be getting. This is amazing.

Apparently when we were looking into the program at the U of Mn this wasn’t available because Gerry would be an in patient. When we moved our treatment to Mayo, Gerry became an outpatient and thus the stipend kicked in.

But we didn’t know about it – not until the NEW case worker made us aware of it.

Yay, new, improved case worker! Here Gerry is celebrating with Gigi, who really couldn’t care less as long as she has her Meow Mix. She’s plotting escape routes.

So – in light of this amazing new news – I’ve removed the heart tugging photo of Gerry & Maxie from the sidebar of my blog, and have updated the Red Carpet Convertible page to reflect our good news.

We have no idea where we’ll be a few months from now (why should we be any different than most of the world?), but we’re assuming the best and at this point we’re covered for our budgeted non-medical expenses between what the insurance will cough up and what folks have given in exchange for the Red Carpet Convertible.

Once again, thank you to EVERYONE who helped us by purchasing the pattern. THANK YOU!

I hadn’t realized just what a weight this was on my mind until it was gone – and suddenly it’s like I removed a pair of dark glasses – everything is lighter! Actually, today everything is overcast weather-wise, and we had some MAJOR hail last night lashing at the window, but in our internal world it’s sunny and bright! Gerry slept better last night than he has in weeks.

I didn’t think I’d be getting much knitting done for the first week – so many appointments to make, so much driving and rushing – but I’m making progress on three separate projects and sketching as much as I can when the inspiration strikes.

All of these unique clothing pieces and the beautiful art at the Mayo is very inspirational.

If I can finish the blue piece soon, I can send that off to VK and life will be good.

The more observant of you may notice that this is VERY different from my original swatch. That’s how things work sometimes…

Adina at VK wanted something lacier, and less rectangular, and I’m loving how this new incarnation is working out.

The bonus is that I can use my earlier idea and create a new design. Woo!

Speaking of weather, my COPD’s been behaving badly – not terribly – just annoying with lots of middle of the night waking, coughing, and shortness of breath. I’ve been worse, but it’s noticeable and I don’t want to get kicked out of the chemo wing. So yesterday Gerry insisted I register myself at the Mayo and make an appt to see a pulmonary doc (luckily there was a cancellation, so I’ll be seeing someone today!)

In our time in St. Paul I hadn’t had the chance to find a new pulmonary doc (I really liked mine back in NJ) so I’ve let the COPD slide and I’ve been treating it like severe asthma. Not a great long-term plan. So hopefully today I’ll get a new regime of things I must do to retain my good breathing health – and be here 100% for Gerry.

Every time I fill out one of those 15-page health background forms, I’m shocked by how healthy I really am! Except for the breathing, and a need to lose 10 (or 50) pounds, I’m in pretty good shape! So – pretty much just to get attention – now I’m being treated at the Mayo, too!

So there, Mr. Landy.

I’ve been wearing the same tired old pair of floral Birkenstocks for years now – I love them, but they’re not the most elegant of footwear.

I saw these on sale last week near the Mayo – and yesterday I bought them. Good for Spring, Summer and part of Fall – and a nice bargain.

France, here I come! Perhaps Gigi would like to come with me?

The scooter is gone.

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