Stella the First

I’m loving this dog here.

It’s Suzanne’s dog, Stella, which means Star. And, being in Texas, it’s a fitting name.

She’s an independent sort of dog, she knows her mind. She likes food, tolerates love, but lets you know when she’s had enough. I respect that in a pooch.

I would be fearful to get her and Atticus together. Mr. Humpty Dumpty would enrage her, I’m sure, because she doesn’t seem to be the kind of dog that likes to be dominated.

I really enjoyed the movie yesterday – it was a wonderful break, exactly what I needed, and I was able to actually get a nice amount of knitting done during the movie. Touch me. There were 5 of us in the theatre for the 2:20 show, so I was able to surreptitiously use my small, focused LED ruler to double check my work when I thought I’d run into a mistake.

The movie was grand – exciting and a costumer’s dream. I thought the casting was really excellent, and although I can see much to pick at in the movie, it was exactly what I needed WHEN I needed it, and I’m grateful it was there to take me away.

So now I know – Calgon doesn’t do it for me, but Elizabeth does… And also some good barbeque. And Stella.

Today I’m teaching at Bluebonnet Yarn, then I’ll spend the evening with an old friend from NJ who’s moved to Austin. It will be DELIGHTFUL to see her – I cannot wait! She has dogs, too!

Thank you for your really kind thoughts and good wishes. The buck in Suzanne’s yard thanks you, too.

I think I was sort of hitting a wall. I think I do need a massage, and I’m scheduled for one when I get home (I’d rather do it locally, nothing against the massage folks down here…) and I’m also going to start some regular accupuncture treatment for my back.

I’m working back into the yoga (I have a DVD I used to do every day, it’s time to start it again because I can take it with me wherever I go) and, if it weren’t 102 here (actually, high 80’s but rather humid) I’d walk more. I’m a feeb. Woof.

And now, off to Bluebonnet. Everything’s better with Bluebonnet on it.

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