I Love VA

… and NOT because I’m not in prison.

I love it because I love it. Period.

Perhaps it’s a cultural memory (my “people” have lived here since the early 18th C – here and what eventually became West Virginia), perhaps it’s the lovely colors, but most especially it’s the warm, warm welcome from Needle Lady in Charlottesville (hi, Izzy!) and On The Lamb in Staunton! And, yes, I can’t stop thinking of Steven Colbert’s “Monkey On The Lam” segment everytime I say the name…

Joe is a doll, Angel is an angel, and the classes are full of interesting and engaged ladies! Last night in Charlottesville I had SUCH a good time – I felt so loved (and I was feeling a little fragile) so I’m grateful for the mental hug you all gave me!

I’m not on my computer – I’m on the Business Center computer here at the ol’ Stonewall Jackson, so my time is limited. But I wanted to give a shoutout to say that I’m NOT in the pokey, I’m LOVING Virginia (as I always do!) and I’ve seldom been treated more lovingly by students or shop owners. Thank you so much for the exceptional kindness.

Someone needs to teach the guy at the garage in Staunton to knit, though. Joe?

Right now I’m off to bed with an extreme headache. It’s a migrane type thing, I’m certain it’s been brought on by a combination of eating a sausage biscuit from this morning (didn’t have time to eat it before class) and some severe overhead lighting at a book signing this evening (overhead lights give me headaches – how odd, huh?)

Oh – btw – my computer is a Powerbook G4. I don’t know the volts / amps required by my power supply. At this rate I’ll just wait until I get home and buy a new one at the Apple store. Hannah will be thrilled to have another reason to go to the MOA!

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