Gelt Me, Baby!

Life has escaped us this year in many ways. We’re very focused on the day to day, and suddenly we look up and it’s Hannukah! They keep moving that darned holiday…

So, in celebration of the holiday, I made our family’s traditional (and rather self conciously Martha Stewart-esque) Gelt Cookie.

I used the Nut Crescent recipe, which has been my own family’s traditional Christmas Cookie.

And which, I discovered this year, is pretty much the same as the Mexican Wedding Cookie. Go figure…

To “gelt” the cookies, I use any refrigerator cookie recipe (peanut butter, sugar, etc.), roll the dough into 1″ balls, peel the back off of a piece of gelt (in this case the fashionable JFK gelt) and smash it into the cookie.

I leave the foil on the front of the coin, to be removed by the happy recipient of the cookie. If they’re smart.

If not, then it’s the traditional chewing of the tin foil Hannukah dentist visit… We’re meeting with the director at our potential new Temple today – I hope she’s duly impressed with our embrace of the little-known JFK Hannukah tradition.

Speaking of dentists, we all went to the dentist yesterday – we’re teeth happy. I have two cavities, but the hygienist said that my teeth were in pretty good shape for someone who’s been effectively avoiding the dentist for 5 years.

Instead of flossing, which I loath, I’m going to start using these little things – like tiny Christmas Trees (so festive for the holiday season – and they’re GREEN!)

They’re little brushes that go in between the teeth, thus eliminating that awful SNAP! moment when the floss finally works between the teeth and hits the gums with whip-like accuracy. OUCH!

And continuing with the Hannukah traditions, Gerry’s gifted me with the traditional first night gift of new wheels for the PT cruiser.

These are necessary, as two of my wheels are out of whack (potholes and LOTS of driving) so – according to G – they all have to be replaced.

Apparently he got an amazing price online, so they arrived yesterday and now I’ll load them into the car and take them to the garage to have them put on.

Funny how the holidays just sneak up on us, huh?

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