THANK YOU St. Anthony? It's a Festivus Miracle!

Update: St. Anthony came through!
They were up in the cabinet behind the George Foreman grill, where I was hiding a few gifts. Found at 8:30 am.

The story below was written before the socks were found, at 3:00 am on 12/23. The socks have been changed to protect the innocent:

I squirreled them away – as much to keep me from giving them to him early as anything else – and now I can’t find them. And he loved them when he saw me working on them. I’ve pawed through every basket and box and drawer I can think of – no socks. Evidently I’m a very good hider.


It’s 2:42 now. I’m going to go to bed and hope that I dream about where the socks are.

On the bright side, I made a headband and finished a scarf for Hannah – I forget who suggested Calorimetry from, but I tweaked that pattern just a bit and had in finished in a few hours*. Yay!

It worked REALLY well with the Louet Bonnie yarn – a really nice knit.

The scarf is Gigi from Romantic Hand Knits. I started it in Calgary and used it as a sample for the lace class – then I continued it as a gift for Hannah. It’s a fun knit!

Last night during Sweeny Todd (which was AMAZING – wonderful! But be warned that the blood flows like water and there is a simulated rape scene!) I knit up this much of a new hat for Gerry.

And that was pretty much the entire sideband – I just did a little crochet on top to make a nice, warm tip to the hat.

Gerry loves the hat – he was very cold when I got home so I went ahead and finished it and gave it to him!

Now I just need to find my knitted gift for Max. Dang. C’mon, St. Anthony – Max needs a new pair of socks!

*Really? A few hours? Yes, I’m already a fast knitter, but the Signature Needles are killer fast, seriously! These needles fly, baby.

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