Main-iac Street Yarn

The folks here are nuts – in the BEST possible way!

I’d forgotten how much I love this shop! The folks here are just crazy fun, happy, nice, and always make me feel like family.

This, on top of such a warm and dear reception at Whole Nine Yarns last night, I feel like it’s old home week – I love being here!

Last night I showed up to Whole Nine Yarns late. Dang. There was an accident on 285 – dogs were involved (none were hurt, but they’d jumped out of one of the trucks and were having a wild time on the freeway! Woof!)

By the time I got to WKY it was 6:30, and everyone was SO patient. The group was about 23 or 24 strong, all excellent knitters and very patient with the fact that I started off teaching Combo and THEN finally eased into Cables and Lace (not really having the time to do much with the lace, dang…)

Well, it was a BIG class and even though I worked my through break doing small group instructions on cabling without a cable needle, I still wasn’t able to get the lace thing going. It’s entirely my fault for being late. They were so gracious and kind, though, and enjoyed the class so much. We covered a LOT of stuff, even though we didn’t get as laced as we’d like…

The second class was the Universal Mitered Handbag – WOW, what a class! It’s a fun bag, a lot of new techniques to pick up, but with such a large class it’s hard to get all of the skills address for each and every person. I think I did pretty well with it, but a Friday night class can also be a bit of a hurdle for folks who have had a long week!

I love Whole Nine Yarns, though – Debbie and the staff are kind, the yarns are gorgeous and they made me feel like a QUEEN!

When class was over at 10:00, I had a long, long drive back to Watkinsville, where I am staying. I got back a little after midnight, after driving through a wicked (and astounding) thunderstorm with lots of driving rain and spray-up from the big trucks. Ick. I hope the doggies were home and dry by then…

This morning it was luxurious to wake up knowing that I was a mere mile down the street from my next teaching engagement – life is GOOD!

Main Street Yarn (aka, Barnette Shoals Yarn, I guess, since they’ve moved…)
Their new space is WONDERFUL! I could move in here! Seriously, they could have saved $$ on the hotel and I would have slept here with the shower upstairs and all the yarn down on the ground floor. Yay!

The Combo Class this morning was a BLAST! The folks were so excited to learn, so happy and SO fun! We laughed and laughed – and even got a nice amount of knitting done!

The afternoon Lace class was smaller, but I was able to REALLY get into the nuts and bolts of different decreases, how to memorize a chart, and ways to increase lace enjoyment. It’s hard to do this with a larger class – it’s rare I get a class that’s just the right size full of folks who are eager to learn just the right stuff. Wonderful!

And now? Instead of going out to dinner I asked if we could just stay here at the yarn shop and order in, sit and eat and knit and laugh. So we will. I may even have a beer – if I can find one. Apparently Watkinsville is no longer dry – woo hoo!

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