With Feeling…


And I am LOVING Portland – what a fabulous place!

It is by far one of the COOLEST yarn shops I’ve been in!

The space is large and light and beautiful, the selection is so wide, it’s like walking through a rainbow! I could hardly keep my hands of the yarn, and one of their proprietary colorways [I forget the name, something to do with Tin Man] had me at “warm golds & browns”

Aside from having such an amazing shop, Heather is a gracious and fun person – I flatter myself that in another life we could be cousins (we share a shoe size!) – and Stevanie is a BLAST! Even more fun was her most excellent, goofy, AWEsome son, who reminded me of Hannah so much I could have cried. Duuude.

My fears were senseless – thank you ALL for the moral support! – because there was a healthy showing. Not quite the 400 folks that the Harlot had (but Harlots know for being busier than Heretics, right?)

Wait until you sees the turnout for my burning, baby! Now THAT will rock the house…

It was my first time giving the lecture I gave last night, and I’m afraid I was more rambly than I would have liked. But the group was graciously forgiving and allowed me to stumble through a few parts to get to the “Aunt Wanda joke.” Yay!

I need to hone the lecture – it’s Knit with Courage, Life with Hope, and it’s based on the experiences of this past year along with some knitting stuff and draws a LOT on the blog entries. Evidently the talk was good because I did get a few more signups for my classes, I think most of them are filled (or filling up, I could be wrong – check with the shops…)

Yes, I am staying at the Kennedy B&B – I didn’t mean to be coy about it before – and I’m posting from my MOST comfortable bed in a room that used to be a classroom. There’s something fun, and slightly disquieting about that.

Blogger’s being WACKY with my photos, so if you want to see the most AMAZING dinner in the world you can visit my flickr page

The Kennedy school looks a LOT like Max’s current school, the layout is similar and they seem to have be from the same era. Dinner last night was EXCEPTIONAL (tater tots!) and I’m going to go for a dip in the soaking pool this morning before breakfast.

The soaking pool opens in 15 minutes and guess who brought a bathing suit! I cannot WAIT to see what fun stuff they have for breakfast here – and my class isn’t until 10:30! Could life be more heavenly?

Okay, there’s no TV in the room (I’m such a lowbrow) but I streamed Frontline last night for the background noise that I need to relax

I drowned my sorrows in a Rogue Hazlenut Brown Nectar – life is good! Thank you Heather for this MAGNIFICENT beer. And, yes, the guy on the bottle DOES look a little like Gerry.

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