Red Letter Day for Heresy

Today is the anniversary of Joan of Arc’s death by burning at the stake at the hands of English clergy in 1431 at age 19.

She was later cannonized by Pope Benedict XV in 1920, the only person ever burned at the stake for heresy who later became a saint.

She was a common girl who did uncommon things, and was – by her own account – an expert sewer and spinner. And by the accounts of others, an amazing battle tactician.

That’s my kind of heretic!

Things continue here as usual. Shingles remain, the pain lingers, and Gerry’s seeing the accupuncturist today. Small annoyances hurt more than we’d think they would.

I’m preparing for TNNA, trying to get swatches together and samples ready for our booth (1056) Life is busy, but seems so slow on this rainy day. I feel rainy, too.

For the second time this week I’ll be a chaperone on a field trip (this time to the MN historical society). It’s a good day for it – overcast, rainy.

We got lucky on Wednesday for our field trip on a paddle boat down the Mississippi. It was a lovely, warmish, breezy day, the kids were in HIGH spirits but very well behaved. I had 4 in my group; happy, lively, wonderful boys, all friends of Max, who listened well but also ran me ragged up and down the boat. It was fun for everyone!

It’s supposed to be lovely this weekend, maybe we’ll get the family down to the river for a walk, there’s a nice paved walkway and Gerry would dig it!

St. Paul is a beautiful city, especially when viewed from the Mississippi River.

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