20 Minutes Between Beers

I’ve just come from the Interweave Party (which I crashed, but it was okay…) and now I’m off to Tip Top. Life is good.

Today was so tiring, so long, so wearying, but also VERY good! We got orders – and LOTS of interest!! I think the Stitch Cooperative is an idea whose time has come, and we’re hoping to stay focused enough to make it work as well as it should. WOO!!

Tomorrow I’m back at the booth, back working the show, passing out my own book and making friends. But I may try to sneak out to the EB Warehouse in the morning before the show…

We’ll see…

Right now? Folks are waiting at Tip Top. For some reason we’ve adopted the ASL sign for “Y”, rotating, as the “Tip, TOP!” high sign.

And guess what? My hotel is strategically positioned just blocks away and I found $3.00 weekend parking*. Life is very good.

*Last night when I parked there I only had $2.50 on me, so I shoved that into the little slot and rushed to my room to get 50¢. When I got back the parking attendant was JUST about to write me a ticket (!?!?!?) He stopped, thank heaven, and I parked for $3.00. So much better than the $21 that Hyatt charges. I’ve found full day parking for $8 ($5 if I want to walk farther – I don’t) so the car really is working out to be a good savings. And I can get to target to get moisturizer, which I forgot…

Fascinating, huh?

Home by 10:00, happy with my knitting. I had a beer, a diet coke and some pie. But I had shrimp at the party. Definitely a salad day tomorrow…

We were sitting at our table, 15 different conversations going on and everyone having a good time, when I turned to Amy Singer (who’s lost her voice and was drop spinning some beautiful sea silk at the table) and said,“Don’t you feel that we’re in a golden time for our industry – all the garbage aside – when there’s so much JOY to find in what we do?”

She agreed, quietly.

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