Storm-aha, Nebraska

The photos in this blog entry are from the Omaha World Herald website.

When I arrived in Omaha it was mid afternoon. I checked into my hotel, answered email and tidied up, then headed over to String of Purls yarn shop.

I was early, which was good. I figured I’d park and get a bite to eat, then be ready for my little talk.

But the storm that had been threatening since I rolled into town suddenly hit with a fury!

We were send down to the basement, the lights went out (I was eating my salad by flashlight, quite romantic…) and we listened to 90 mile an hour winds and hail blowing by.

The damage around town was astounding. Lots of downed trees, and 2 poor teenage boys killed in their car in Council Bluffs.

What a tragedy. Their friend was in the backseat, she is doing well, but what kind of PTSD will that poor girl have?

We emerged from our basement to see an amazingly beautiful evening sky, still no power, and very little damage immediately in front of the shop.

My chat was – subdued – more introspective than usual. But it was fun and nice and meeting the folks at the yarn shop was wonderful.

We held off the talk for 1/2 hour, traffic lights were out and many folks had trees fall in their yards, on their houses, or across their streets.

I’m crossing my fingers that power is back up and the air conditioning is on at the shop today for the classes – I know, a small worry compared to the broken homes and lives of others here in Omaha.

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