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I’ll be the first to admit when I’m licked, and I just cannot figure out the RSS / Atom / Google Reader feed thing to save my life.

If anyone can explain it to me, in lay-woman’s terms, I’d be very appreciative.

Right now I create my blog through blogger, and host it at www.modeknit.com. There’s no path or directory to the blog, it’s the index page of modeknit.

And that’s about where my extensive (!) knowledge of blog feeding begins and ends.

PS – Heather, you da bomb! Thanks to you my RSS blog readers all over the place are getting 22 updates from the past month or so. Thank you!


I’m in a thinking part of my design / writing / living process right now. Yesterday a great deal of the day was spent in the hammock, thinking. Then I knitted a bit, thinking. And finally there was Max’s baseball game. Yep, I was thinking all right!

So today will be spent number crunching (yes, Michelle, I’m finally redoing Bel Canto!) and catching up on stuff that I should have done weeks ago. Quarterly taxes come to mind. And emails I haven’t answered. Life’s been a bit of a blur with the teaching and TNNA and traveling, but I’m home for a bit (except for our much anticipated fishing and visiting extravaganza this weekend!)

I’m not looking forward to the work – onced again it’s “My brain hurts” time – but it’s a coolish day and after breakfast with my guys at the Louisiana Cafe (Hannah’s at school) I’ll come home and settle in for some time in Math Hell. To be followed by Charting Purgatory. Heck of a place for a Heretic, no?

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