On De Road Again

Off I go again, driving to WV (Marietta, actually) and then later in the week off to Memphis. I’m going to try to do the whole trip on one day, we’ll see… Thank heaven for Tom Tom.

I feel as though I’ve put my emotions on auto-pilot, necessary right now, just getting through this so that I’m as useful as possible is the goal – there’s always next month to fall apart.

Speaking of next month, I’ve just added some New England classes for November 1 – 9.

I’m excited because I’m sponsoring my OWN classes right in downtown Boston at the College Club on Thurs, Nov 6th. I couldn’t find a venue to host me, everyone’s feeling a little shaky with the current financial nonsense, so I investigated some alternatives and I’ll be sponsoring myself! The cost for these classes will be $60, or $50 if you sign up for both.

I’ve got weekend classes going, too – I’ll be teaching at WEBS in Northampton on Nov 1st, and the following weekend I’ll be in Pawtucket Rhode Island at Slater Mill

And then, aside from the Minnesota Lake Knitting at Medayto Cottage, this will be it for my 2008 teaching. I’m unsure how much time I’ll need to be in Marietta, or what will be expected in terms of putting things in order. I feel very young right now, and I desperately miss my mom or my Aunt Wanda.

Think of my while I’m on the road – I should next be posting from Marietta, or points east!

Last night the knitting group that I’ve insinuated myself into hosted me to read selections from my new book, and had a bit of a party for me. It was SO wonderful – so kind of Kathy to go to such an effort (THANK YOU KATHY!) and I was so overwhelmed when I saw the cake she’d had made I cried. I cry at traffic lights these days, but that doesn’t take away from how touched I was.

It was good practice, I tend to feel shyer when I’m reading from the book than when I’m teaching – perhaps because the topic is so personal. I’m going to be doing a reading at Garrison Keillor’s bookshop, Common Good Books, on Oct 26 and I just heard from my PR person that on Oct 23 I’ll be doing the local KARE-11 mid-morning show to drum up some interest. Yay!

How weird it feels to travel between such high, happy feelings (Paris, the book) and such low, sad moments (Jan, leaving Gerry & the kids) It’s raining today and it matches my mood. I’ve loaded my bike on the back of the car to take advantage of some of the biking while I’m on the road, and to give myself a chance to burn off some stress.

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