Taking A Break

I’m trying to heed the advice of so many commentors, trying to take it easy and give my mind and body and soul a chance to rest a bit. I baked an apple pie (we went apple picking on Thursday) and made some baked apples. Relaxing!
I’m also enjoying our new kitten, although she’s such a pistol that it’s hard to pin her down. She has a wonderful personality, very energetic, and is quite beautiful.

But that voice! She has one of the loudest, most insistent meows I’ve ever heard. I told Hannah we should name her Lena after the character in Singing in the Rain (click on the link and you’ll see one of my first screen appearances as Phoebe Dinsmore)

She’s beautiful, but that voice could knock you flat!

I do believe that when I’m energized again, I’ll know it, but until then there’s that irrational, scary feeling that I’ll never not feel tired again.

Phone Strategies
I do use a set “patter” when I’m talking to a new person on the phone, I explain that I have a hard time understanding what I’m hearing, and that I’d love to do as much as possible via email.

Unfortunately many times folks interpret that as me saying, “I don’t want to talk on the phone with you.” which can lead to unfortunate misunderstandings.

I don’t get that reaction all the time, but I get it often enough that I realize some folks just don’t get how difficult it is for me to process non-visual audial cues.

I didn’t used to be this way, and right now I’m better than I was 4 years ago. Here’s a photo of me in happier phone times…

It started after I’d had my hysterectomy in 2002, which makes me wonder if there’s some hormonal or physical reason for this difficulty. I just don’t know – all I know is that it definitely is real.

Family Walk
So after my phone time yesterday I took the family, as promised, to the dog run for a walk. Gerry was in pain but moving better than I was, my breathing has been pretty sucky since working on Jan’s house (and before that, too)

Disclaimer: I did wear a mask with a filter while I was in Jan’s house, and I limited my time inside to short periods. But even with precautions it was hard to avoid the air there. I can’t help but feel that the toxicity in the house had a negative effect on Jan’s cancer.

But breathing notwithstanding, I promised I’d get the kids out, and the dog, and Gerry, too!

So off we went to one of the jewels of the Twin Cities. When my breathing is bad I like to push myself a little bit because I think it keeps my lungs strong and active. I fear becoming sedentary and not getting my lungs the fresh air they need. Annoyingly, with the biking and walking I do one would think I’d be getting thinner…

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful Autumn days ever! Warm enough for shorts, cool enough for comfort, and sunny. Gerry thinks Max and I are NUTS for wearing shorts when it’s chilly outside, but our legs and feet are the last parts of our bodies to get cold.

Like me, I’ve noticed that Max sleeps bundled up with his legs sticking out because they get too warm. Odd how these little physical oddities are passed down…

We love the dog run at the Minnehaha park because it’s a relatively even path, not a lot of trouble for Gerry, but the kids can run off into the wilder areas with the dog and they’re not out of shouting range. Atticus loves it because it’s like this huge open-air singles club for canines.

It starts with a downward sloping path, with some stairs at one point, toward the banks of the Mississippi River. Yesterday the river shore was lousy with happy people and happier doggies, running and splashing and fetching all kinds of tossed items. We walked until Gerry or I cried, “Uncle!” We’d rest, then walk a bit more. There are several well-walked paths, easy going, and perfect for such a lovely day.

I had a rough time up the hill coming back, darned breathing, but overall it was a phenomenally wonderful romp. We regretted that we hadn’t brought a picnic lunch, so we stopped for fried chicken on the way home and had a little celebratory dinner then a take-no-prisoners Monopoly game. The game is still set up, we didn’t finish it, we’re hoping to this evening…

On Saturday I went canvassing for BO. This election is so important, I can’t live with myself if I didn’t make an effort to BE the change I’d like to see in the world. I can’t say it was my favorite thing in the world to do, but folks reactions were very positive, and overall it was a very good experience. But tiring!

Hannah went with me (civics lesson) and held the bag with the handouts, which was such a help!

I’m concerned about vote manipulation (especially in places like Colorado where 20% of the voters have been purged from the rolls!) so I urge everyone to double check your voter registration AND if it’s possible, vote early IN PERSON!

I’ve already voted (I had planned to be in Boston on 11/4) and I feel so happy and proud that I know my vote has already been counted – or, will be, on 11/4.

If you live in Ramsey County, you can VERY easily vote at 90 W. Plato in Saint Paul before election day. Check online to find your local county election board, and see if early voting is allowed in your area. The lines will be LONG this year, the more
folks who can vote early IN PERSON before 11/4, the easier it will be for everyone who has to vote on that day.

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