Horizontal Knitting

Today I see if I can knit flat on my back. Hell, if Michaelangelo could paint a ceiling like this, then I can knit a darned cardigan, right?

I’d made tentative plans to get together with some of my teaching/designer friends who are in town for the Yarn Over, but now that will not happen, and I am bereft. [sigh]

Even worse, I was going to volunteer at the Textile Center Garage Sale tomorrow, but there is non way I’m moving.

I have a heating pad planted firmly under me, and just discovered that I can parent from this angle (get IN that shower NOW, Max!)

Why did I have to ride my bike yesterday. As soon as I got a block away I knew what a stupid idea it was. But not riding would have meant picking up Max’s bike and shoving it into the back of the car, which seemed a much bigger deal at the time than just riding. Well, now I know. And apparently it’s time to get the bike rack back on the car.

On to some back knitting. Luckily I already have the project on circs…

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