Trying to Check Into The Red Roof Inn in Parkersburg, WV

I made the reservations on Orbitz.

Somewhere between the making of the reservation
and Red Roof Inn receiving it,
the information went

So here I stand, tired,
it’s 10:52 pm
I’ve been here for over 20 minutes.
It’s hot & it’s humid.

Matthew –
[the Orbitz guy I finally got
on the line after about
20 minutes of “Pachelbel’s Canon”,]
says he’s resending the reservation.

Matthew says it will take 5 minutes.

The Red Roof Inn doesn’t have email,
so Matthew is faxing the reservation.

I am tired.

The two desk clerks are
standing in the doorway
smoking & laughing.

I’m just trying to get to sleep.

– “Will you take out the trash?”
– “Huh?”
– “Will you take out the trash?”

– “Where’ll I put it?”
– “In the dumpster.”
[giggles] “Yeah…”

They both giggle

I think they’re high.

[Pachelbel’s Canon continues to play]
Matthew’s voice is back on the line.

“Will you continue to hold?
I’m processing the reservation…”

I tell him, “Yes, I’ll hold,”
& remind him that he told me
15 minutes ago
it would take 5 minutes.

He giggles.

I think he’s high, too.

I lay in bed, deep in sleep,
as soon as my head hit the pillow I was gone.
The phone rings,
I check the clock – it’s midnight.

I grab the receiver in panic, it’s the desk clerk,

“I just wanted to tell you
you’re all set,
you’re good.”

“Uh, um, thanks.
I was asleep.”

I can hear the sound
of a potato chip bag rustling.

“Oh, I’m sorry!”
She giggles.

Now I know she’s high.

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