Computer [FAIL]

This will be quick for several reasons`;

1. `i can’t get the hang of the u`k keyboard.  perhaps `ts eliot had one`/
2.  I just had a few beers.  `huge ones.  `pints.  `they certainly seemed big to me ~(and so tasty, too!)
3.  My own computer is not getting internet.  `or , rather, it `is getting internet `(thanks to the cute new 3 stick `i bought, but for some reason it’s not `seeing that it has internet.  obviously there’s a failure to communicate.  Do `i have the time, inclination or sobriety to address this`/  `No.
4. I’m tired.
According to the iknit website, upon which I’ve learned to base most of my life-changing decisions, `i’m not on until 1 tomorrow so `i can sleep in.  Lovely beers.  The becks glass had cross hatching in the bottom that allowed the bubbles to flow like champange!
And `i have ice cream melting in my bag, so `i do have to get upstairs. `and Pringles for `hannah `(prawn flavor) and Ainsley `harriot cookies for `gerry `9he used to work for him…
`so – when `i’m able to have internet again on my `own computer `9did `i mention `i have exactly 4 minutes left on this one…?) ~I’ll post a nice, long [post about how `wonderful Fyberspates was, how dear the students at `get “knitted were, and how overwhelmingly moving the Dover castle and canterbury were.  `And `i’ll have pix.  If any of you are interested, `i uploaded a buttload of the pix at my flickr site last night.  I’m modeknit.
And now ~I go upstairs to my lovely room to watch `tv, drink tea and eat ice cream.  ~Someone can explain to me later exactly `what Weight `watchers is…
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