Are You Watching Me, Rick Levine?

Okay. Rick Levine, you can be honest with me. Are you reading my blog then coming up with Twittascopes that match what’s going on in my life?

Come clean, Mr. Levine!

Case in point – here’s my Twittascope for today:

It’s challenging today to know when to stop, especially if you fall into an enjoyable groove while getting things done.

Others might even think you’re a workaholic, while the truth is that you’re just having fun. Nevertheless, you can overdo it now and ruin a good thing.

low down or you could be exhausted by tomorrow.

When did I read it? At 10:40 pm, sitting in bed where I’ve been most of the day working on videos and promotion for the Online Knit Classes, and I realize that it’s time to sleep. Yes, Rick, I hear and I obey…

I can see how easy it would be to fall into the bad habit of pushing hard on good Fibro days, then paying for it for the next 2 days.

Today I sent out my monthly newsletter, sent a blast out to my Online Knitting Class network and completed another video for the Universal Mitered Bag class. A few months ago that would have been a morning’s work.

But today it took me many hours, and I’m exhausted. The fact that I did most of it from my bed makes it easier, but it astounds me how tired I get now after a few hours of concentrated mind work.

The good news is that the Vitamin D is working well, I’m sleeping a bit better (yay!) and right now the pain is pretty much centered in my upper back/neck. Yeah, baby, I know why you come here…

So, quickly before I slip off to slumberland, here’s the news:

February Combination Online Classes

But March & April are open, baby!

Because of my Summer schedule, I won’t be offering the Combination class in May, June, August or September. So if you miss March or April you’ll have to catch me in July or wait until October.
I’m just sayin’…

Here’s what a current student says about the January class:

“I’ve been playing around with your videos this morning and I finally learned how to cable without a cable needle. Thank you!! I am thrilled. The only problem with not being in a class is nobody is around to see me do a happy dance!”

The four week class consists of 17 videos, many pdf handouts, and 2 mp3 lectures. During the FULL MONTH of your class you will have 24-hour access to all the class materials at our private Combination Class Network, as well as 2 live text chats per week.

And here’s the MOST excellent news:

I’ve lowered the price for
ALL of the Combination classes to $50.

And further,
since YOU’RE reading my blog (and since I like you…)
can use the discount code “blog”
and get 10% off of the already reduced price!*

to register using Paypal or any major credit card.

*Yes, a similar offer was made to my Online class network and in also my newsletter, but I like YOU the best…

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4 thoughts on “Are You Watching Me, Rick Levine?

  1. Discounts are a blessing and a boon ! Do those of us who have already signed up get a refund ? …every penny counts these days … thanks in advance

  2. Dear Annie-
    I too have Fibro & have been working around it for years. I haven’t figured out all the answers but it is important to pace yourself – don’t overdue on a good day to pay the next. Set goals and use that to complete your to-do list. Tomorrow is always another day. I have found that Aleve or a generic form of that works well for muscle pain. A husband provided massage is very nice and a nice soak in a lavender scented mineral bath works well too!
    Good luck to you – you are such a “trooper” and I admire you.

  3. Just had another thought after reading down farther on the blog – call your LYS & see if they know anyone that would swap cleaning for a knitting class or lessons? I would do it if I lived close to you but alas I am in Indiana!
    Pace yourself – the mental part is hard, no doubt, but you will work through that too – magnesium helps with anxiety & depressing thoughts.
    Take good care

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