…and the WINNER is…


I’ll be contacting her privately, but she’s the winner of the Crochet for Bears To Wear book. The publisher will be sending her the book directly!

Now, for those of you who missed out, I have TWO audio book giveaways (direct from me) and I’d love to get them sent out before the end of next week. Here’s the skinny:

Last  NightBook 1: Last Night in Twisted River by John Irving. I have to confess that the package has been opened because I wanted to listen to the book! It’s pure Irving, more substantial than his earlier stuff (which I love) and maybe just a bit heavy for me (I’m a lightweight) but I can see this becoming primo listening for some hearty knitter / crocheter!

SeabiscuitBook 2: Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand I adore this book.  I love the story, I love the writing, I love the story BEHIND the writing!  My recent/current introduction to a chronic pain condition has made me much more aware of how Ms. Hillenbrand worked to get such an amazing piece together, and the audio book is a delight to listen to.

If either of these books seem to stir something within you and you think you’d like to have them to listen to, just leave a comment and I’ll randomly pull a name out and contact you!

Being Mature

Today I went for a colonoscopy, my first in almost 10 years.  Unfortunately we showed up on the wrong day (after I’d done the 24 hour fasting and prep) I swear, this fibro fog is just NOT funny any more.

However I was VERY lucky in that they were able to squeeze me in!  This was a more eventful scope than my last, a lesion polyp was discovered, and a big one, too! (15mm)

I think when the doc heard about the delivery of my 11 lb baby boy 12 years ago, he felt a little competitive!

So we’ll hear soon what the biopsy has to say, and I’ll probably have to go back for a scope every 3 years now instead of 10.  Dang.  Well, I guess it’s good to have another hobby…

21 thoughts on “…and the WINNER is…

  1. I do understand the fibro fog. I was diagnosed about 18 years ago. It has been an interesting ride. I would love to receive the John Irving book. Patsy Bratcher

  2. Annie, congrats on going for the colonoscopy! Did you say leave a comment to win a book? I’d love either. I heard Laura on npr a few years ago and I love, love John Irving! So, I’d like to either win a book or Powerball tonight!

  3. I would love to have Seabiscuit to listen to while I knit!

    Glad you survived the colonoscopy, and I hope the news from the biopsy is good – you deserve some good news!

  4. Considering what procedure you were there for, I had to laugh when you said the doctor was able to “squeeze me in,” although I’m sure that says a lot more about me than it does about you! As for the audiobooks, I’d love to have the Irving. He’s one of my favorite authors.

    Hope the biopsy turns out benign. And that your fog lifts soon.

  5. I have read every single one of John Irving’s books and would LOVe to read this one as well!

    Thanks so much for the generous giveaway!

  6. I would love the Seabiscuit book!!! I’ve been in a fog for the last two weeks and have finally figured out it was due to Zyrtec!! Now that I’ve run out of it I’m in the “clear” and thinking well. So I can relate to your fog. I have fibro too and like you, ride my bike–and a day (or two) without a bike ride…well, you know what it’s like without exercise!! Good luck with your biopsy. Roz

  7. Better to be squeezed in than show up ill prepared and be told you are full of sh*t. You aren’t the only middle aged mom with the mind of a 12 year old. 😉

  8. I also have problems with my memory. I use a tool called Evernote. It is an unline tool that runs on my computers at work and at home and on my IPhone. I keep all kind of things there like receipies and knitting patterns to pictures of food labels and business cards. Check them out at,
    No I don’t get paid, just like this very much.

  9. Hub and I both went thru the colonoscopy this year and the prep is truly NO FUN!!! I was Dx with MS in 2006 and some of the symptoms are very similar. The fog, the pain, the fatigue. But I do better in cooler weather. The heat makes things much worse for a lot of MS people.
    I am an audio book junkie. I “read” just about anything while I knit. My TV watching has dropped by 50% just because of audio books!

  10. I’m being tempted to delurk at the thought of listening to John Irving. I do love me some John Irving.

    Thank you for allowing me, as a stranger to walk along with you on some of this journey you are on. I was badly injured in a car accident just over a year ago and watching other people work through and triumph over the little things sure helps.

    Take care of yourself.

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