My Husband, The Genius!

To be honest, I wasn’t horribly upset when my cell phone was stolen in Ireland.  It was the least of the missing items – and I didn’t like it very much.

I hate talking on the phone because I have a hard time processing audial information over a phone.  Listening I seem to be okay at, comprehending is hard, but answering in a way that makes sense is just too hard. Folks who call me get used to silence, followed by frustration.

Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the fibro, but it meant that my pink razor (yes, it was 5 years old) was an attractive purse-weight and used only for emergencies.

I had craved an iphone for a long time, but I couldn’t justify the expense for either the phone OR the AT&T service contract.

But when I found myself in the market for a new phone, I came across a solution.  I found a used iphone 3G at ebay (it had a crack on the back so it was pretty cheap) and it had been jail broken – unlocked – so I could use a T-mobile sim card. 

An iphone image from the 4th

T-mobile actually has a department devoted to assisting folks who use one of their sim cards with iphones.  Who knew?

My local Tmobile office gave me the sim card, Gerry got me added to our current contract for $9 a month (we’d canceled my old phone in May) and I was good to go.

If I want internet that’s a whopping $30/month, but I think I’ll do without it and just use the wifi built into the iphone and scoot into a friendly caribou coffee when I need to surf the web.

I’ve had an ipod touch for a few years, now that has passed on to Gerry who’s making very good use of it.  So I was able to easily transfer all of my audio books, photos, movies, onto my iphone.

Last night as I was syncing my phone I allowed myself to be lulled by the siren song of the pop up status window, and to my dismay I found I’d clicked “Update” and soon my iphone was installed with the newest operating system.

Genius & Genius Jr

The newest operating system wiped out my jailbreak.  The fugitive had been captured.

My Hero

But then along came Gerry.  While I went off to bed with a very sore neck, back and legs, he sat down with the iphone and searched online until he found out how to jailbreak the newest operating system.

He said it didn’t really take that long to DO it, it was just waiting for the steps to install themselves that was the long part.

Either way, I’m very proud of him, and very happy to have my wonderful cheaper-than-I-would-have-dreamed iphone 3G back again.  Yay me!

How lucky I am to have a go-to guy who can figure things out like this?  I know I could have, eventually, but it’s a relief to hand something over when I’ve reached my own frustration level.

Pain Again

I’ve done a few days of Yoga this week at the suggestion of my physical therapist.  It’s DEFINITELY a stretch for me – physical, emotionally AND intellectually.  At Core Yoga, where I’m trying out a free week, the rooms are kept very warm.

For me, this is a sort of living hell (I know it’s wonderful for the stretches, but I turned so red in one class I really scared the teacher.) According to my acupuncturist I have a very HOT constituency (extreme Yang) and BOY was that evident in the first class I took!

They don’t heat the rooms for the C1 (beginning) classes, but the one I took came right after a C2 class, so the room was REALLY hot from that one.

After I figured that out, I went to an 8am class, which was much cooler, and I did a little better.  I’m definitely going back, although I have yet to determine if this is the right place for me.  It may be a bit more hardcore than I’m ready for.

I was heartened that there was one stout woman with white hair near me (we were about the same speed, but she had better balance) and other folks in the 8am class who did NOT look like Yogis, so maybe that would be the place for me.  I felt a little conspicuous for my lack of balance and extra girth in the first class.

Whether the yoga is having an affect on the pain is not yet determinable.  I’m still in that ‘first few classes’ state where I can feel the muscles I’ve been using this week, so it’s a different kind of layer of pain on top of the fibro pain.

This is the point where it would be easy to walk away, but I feel that would be in error.  I have to give it a better chance.

Right now, though, I think I’ve drifted into another flare up.  Achey, sore, very loud ringing in my ears (that’s the determining clue for me) and a sense of malaise and depression.

So I’ll sit and work today, I’ll try to get on my bike, and with any luck I’ll get the last videos finished for the Lace & Twisted Float classes.

In case anyone’s interested in what my videos are like, here’s one I just finished for the lace class:

17 thoughts on “My Husband, The Genius!

  1. One of the good things about yoga is that you are SUPPOSED to modify the positions to suit where your body is. Learning to modify the positions can be hard to figure out on your own, however, if you don’t know the discipline yet. Have you talked to the instructor, explained your situation with fibro, and asked for some help with modifications?

    You have a Wii – do you have the Wii Fit as well? If so, the yoga exercises that come with the Fit are very good, and the balance feedback is very helpful.

    Thanks for sharing a bit of video!

    • Yes, I use the Wii Fit Plus for yoga ALL the time! I love it – that’s why I have an ad for it on the blog (I only advertise stuff I love!)

  2. I did yoga for a while and found it eventually to be a really good discipline for me. I didn’t love it right away –it’s not too social and it took work–but it did help me in body, mind and balance for quite a while! Eventually a new puppy came into my life (this was 5+ years ago now) and I couldn’t manage the yoga exercise along with the 15 extra walks a day I took with the dog. Someday I hope to get back to the yoga–I think it was a good idea!

  3. Thanks for the helpful video, Annie. I’ve had trouble with my left slanting decreases and wondered why they didn’t look as good as the right slanting ones. I’m definitely going to put this in my bag ‘o tricks!

  4. Hot Yoga is both a blessing and a curse……the heat is great for stretching the muscles, but the heat and consequent sweating can be torture (especially if you are peri-menopausal – ask me how I know).

    The Hot Yoga place I went to ONCE, was also frequented by a professional football team, so the smell – especially when your face was squished into the mat – was….quite exotic.

    BUT, there was a Coldstone IceCream just a couple of doors down, so the day wasn’t a total loss!

  5. Congratulations on trying the yoga! Yes, it may take a while for you to find the studio and class and teacher that is right for YOU, but it will be so worth it. Yes, it will take a while for you to feel comfortable and notice the benefits, but stick with it! Hot yoga is not for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try another place. It is wonderful for warming the muscles and allowing stretching, but it is also possible to over-stretch, so do take care. And good luck!

  6. Marvelous video! I’m very impressed with all the extra work besides the actual demo, it really helps to explain what is going on and it made the knitting demo part so much clearer. I wish there was a way to keep the demo in my pocket so I could pull it out when I need help!

    • Hee hee – you could be a paid set up for me to mention my Flip Knit books!

      Four different techniques, two versions of each (8 techniques in all) in pocket sized flip books that look like an animated movie when you flip the page quickly! (although I don’t have the alternative decrease as part of the series)

      You can find them at Amazon, or if you get them from me you’ll get a $5 discount!

      Here’s a video on how they work.
      I didn’t mean to turn the comments into an ad, but this was too good of an opening!

  7. I Loved your video! Such great animation and the explanation about why stitches work as they do was great – – fear of abandonment, counseling, support adn lovely left slants — I can’t wait to try this!.

    I think I do a combination knitting – – how my stitches sit on the needle change depending on knit or purl – – I just use the leg closest to the tip of the needle and it works for me.

    Now I just have to find time to take one of your online classes since I now know the quality of the videos.

    Let us know if you ever decide to go the DVD “workshop on a disc” route!

  8. I came across your blog this afternoon and could identify with your fibro/yoga issues. I know everyone is different when it comes to the fibro, and I have tried many things in the past ten years to “manage” my pain. One thing rings true for me and that is to keep moving.

    However, recently I have had a back injury at work and have more off days than on. I decided to try a low carb diet and eliminate all sugar, white flour, and pasta, along with all processed foods. I even make sure the spices I use do not have hidden sugar.

    My orthopedic doctor is very knowledgeable about fibro and when I told her about the changes I have made in my diet and the positive repsonse my body has been experiencing, she told me to think “raw.”

    I have not completely gone over to a completely raw diet, but I do eat way more raw foods than before. I have to tell you, not only have I lost 22 pounds, but also feel less pain!

    She also told me not to eat any fried foods as the Omega 6 in fried foods causes inflammation, both the fibro and arthritic varieties. I just wanted to pass this along to you in case this is something you haven’t tried.

    I don’t know how to alleviate the hot flashes and night sweats, but I have been told to cut way back on caffeine – well, I am trying, but I really do love my cup of coffee.

    Hope this has been helpfu.l I wish you well.

  9. As my Dear Mister Bee is a former Mac Genius (yeah, all well and good to call him that yerself, but YOU try living with a guy who has that title printed on his business-card!), I just want to give a lil “caveat emptor” warning about jailbreaking iPhones.

    In cases where you’re buying a used iPhone, it may a fine idea … but please, PLEASE do not advocate that folks do it to their iPhones purchased directly from a retailer!!! It voids your warranty and ties the hands of possibly otherwise generous Geniuses, therefore you can end up paying mightily down the road if anything untoward happens with/to your iPhone.

    When we see those signs in the mall that say “WE UNLOCK iPHONES!” I always joke to Dear Mister Bee that they really should be trumpeting, “WE VOID APPLE WARRANTIES!” ;~)

    ~ hb33, a fan of the mac-hack, nonetheless, but strategically so ~

  10. As always, thank you for sharing your everyday life. It’s such a treat to see how others work through (and battle – pain, etc.). Very inspirational. I started yoga 14-years ago for a slipped disk problem.

    I quite frankly was not enamored of it. I stuck with it. It took me a year to find a style, practice and location that suited me best. I haven’t regretted it.

    I now do a self practice Mysore and Yin yoga practice depending on the day and my body. Having been diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue post spinal surgery two and a half years ago, the discipline of the practice has been instrumental in mind and spirit to push through the days of depression and ones that I could barely move!

    Keep up the good work and those awesome video’s!

  11. Core Yoga also offers an online subscription, which can be found at

    You get a week’s free trial, and then purchase unlimited access in three-month chunks.

    The classes sound great, but it might be an option if you wanted to keep up with yoga when you travel. The classes range between 15 minutes and 45 minutes in length, and from beginner to expert.

    There’s a Core Yoga in my neck of the woods, and I’ve tried both online and actual classes, and the online ones seem to be at the same level as the intro class I went to. Enjoy your yoga, either way!

  12. If it’s the Corepower Yoga on Grand, it’s a good place. I’m also heavyset and I often feel out of place among my more slender classmates, but I seem to be the only person who notices that difference. We’re all at different places with our practice and truly – nobody is comparing you to anyone else.

    I just recommitted myself to my yoga practice and will more than likely be attending a few of those 8am classes – perhaps I’ll see you!

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