When I ride my bike I like to GO places, DO things.  I like to ride to the grocery, to the library, to the hardware store, to yoga.  I ride to places where I can sit and work for hours on my own.

I use my bike to GO places.

I feel the same way about my computer.  I use it to GO places, and when I go round and round trying to get it to work, I’m so befuddled that I make stupid mistakes.

On July 16th my hard drive crashed.  I remember that date because my last mail backup was June 23rd, so I lost all email between those dates.

I do backup often, so I’m covered with all my work files.  Or, I WAS covered.

Unfortunately in a haze of befuddlement as I was moving files from one external hard drive to another (I have two I’m working off of,) I tossed the last few weeks of work on History on Two Needles – specifically the updated pattern and math for the Gripsholm Jacket – into the trash.

Subsequent attempts to retrieve the worksheets haven’t been successful.  That was most of Friday and Saturday, with brief respites for biking to Minnehaha dog run and Yoga and a little bit of knitting.

Oh, yeah, the knitting…  I’m working on a cardigan that is rather simple in concept and not terribly difficult to knit, but I keep making the stupidest mistakes.  (Not quite throwing away weeks of math work stupid, but up there…)


I truly believe it’s a case of trying SO hard to catch up what I’ve lost, make up the ground that I gave up.   But the harder I work, the more behind I get.

And I realize that – computer and work-wise – I’m off balance.  And because of that I’m going in circles.  The past week has been SO full of work – 16 hour a day trying to fix stuff that broke kind of work – and I’m getting nowhere.

This happens to everyone – lost weeks where, despite your best intentions, you just get NOTHING done.

The worst part of it is the work I haven’t been able to get done for my online classes – specifically lace.  I have a wonderful i-cord bind off movie I was working on when the hard drive crashed (that would be July 16th) and recovering those files has been one of the bigger nightmares.

So today, with good luck on my side (fingers crossed) I’ll attempt to recreate that email and get it posted.  I hate this behind feeling.  I feel as though my hard drive is mirroring.

And then I’ll rest.  Maybe even in the hammock.  And after I relax I’ll knit.

Sunday, July 25, 2010 By Rick Levine

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(Aug 23 – Sep 22)

The effects of today’s Full Moon in unusual Aquarius may not be immediately apparent, but its powerful influence is absorbed on a subconscious level. You might not be very clear about your role, especially if others aren’t being clear about what they want.

Stop going through endless mental loops and simply settle in to enjoy the day. Paradoxically, the benefits of pampering yourself are greater now than any specific work you might do.

4 thoughts on “Circling

  1. Sometimes a break and a rest can do more good than a whole lot of effort. Instead of spinning your wheels, you just may get back some traction! Hoping for the best for you, your friend in Alberta, Louise

  2. You are in good company Annie. Computer issues have reached an epidemic level in my family. Mine is in the hands of the Geek Squad at Best Buy. It needs a new hard drive which they will not install until I go there,take it off the shelf,hand it to them and charge it. (they already have my cc info because I had to prepay for the (non) work. My mom’s Internet Fios went down due to cable issues. My Dad’s anti-virus software threatened dire consequences.

  3. I am just catching up and would like to “circle” back to the swearing copyright infringing knitter. Time to offer the pattern to all for a price. And good for you for reminder her that she is a copyright infringer subject to federal penalties if she mass distributes the pattern. BTW, who has a following of 800??? It’s a beautiful pattern, it did its job for LYS, and now its time to retire to be sold.

    I currently live 120 miles from the closest yarn shop and that is essential a small version of a national chain. Stale, old yarn with no vibrancy or excitement. Good for me that I have a LYS 3000 miles away where the owners keep us posted through their emailings and postings and keep a customized list of which customer likes what. So, I get notified when new blue silk comes in and someone else knows when hand-dyed blue fleece arrives.

    Keep doing what you can for the LYS, but take care of yourself first!

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